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For your convenience in every surgery are placed the A-dec 400 D-Luxe American dental  kits  to help make the doctors work better and reduce your treatment time. The A-dec 400 dental chair offers a combination of modern design and patient comfort. The comfort of the patient is ensured by synchronizing the movement of the chair with the natural movements of the patient and the unique padding that provides comfortable support for the entire body. The chair can be adjusted to the position of lying down, half-sitting and sitting to suit the requirements of the dentist and to allow the best possible treatment of the patient. The possibility of perfect re-positioning of the patient at the same time ensures optimal overview and access to the treated area. The comfort of the patient greatly reduces his anxiety.


In our clinic, we use one of SIRONA's best-performing digital 3D RTG, which enables the production of superior quality OPG and 3D images and, as one of the few, can accurately choose the desired dose of radiation after the bone density measurement, the dynamic exposure control.

OPG Panoramic X-ray (OPG) - preventative X-ray images capture all teeth, bone of both jaws, jaw cavities and jaw joints. It provides a good overview of the whole chewing machine and can detect many diseases at an early stage when they are best curable. However, the usefulness of these images is much greater, because we can come to serious pathological conditions and we also have the perfect means for complex treatment of your teeth.

3D CBCT - three-dimensional snapshot of whole jaws or small selected target areas. Pronouns used in diagnosis and treatment planning in endodontics - root canal treatment, implantology - choice of length and position of implant in bone, evaluation of bone quality and nerve position, teeth tearing - positioning of important anatomical structures before extraction.

CAD/CAM Cerec Omnicam

For production esthetic dental ceramic crowns, dental bridges and veneers we use Cerec system. This system has CAD/CAM technology, which meens, that the whole production of dental prosthetics is controled by computer.

First stage - scan (in the mouth), then toothdesign on computer and the last part is milling work. Our dental clinic is equipped by complet system

CEREC Premium of the last generetion, that why we can produce precise and esthetic work. For creation of crowns and veneers we use special ceramic blocks the highest qality.


Dental microscope Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico

The operating microscope allows us to see space vision at magnification of 4x to 30x. The microscope is a powerful light source that intensely illuminates the entire working field. The treating dentist has an excellent detailed overview of the treated areas.

The dental microscope is used for:

- examination of the denture in which we can find the beginning of the defects, the joints in the fillings, the leak between the crown and the tooth.

- making the filling gives us greater confidence in removing spoiled dental tissue and better control when shaping the fill.

- treatment of root canals of the teeth - endodontics

- surgical procedures for implantation, augmentation, periodontal surgery.

- prosthetics - toothbrushing.

Exam Vision loupes

The magnifying dental loupes are the basic optical aid in all dental and surgical procedures at our clinic. The spectacles are individually made for every dentist, the field of view is attached to 3.5x, which allows dental procedures to be performed with high quality and precision.

Impant Center 2

from Acteon / Satelec. The greatest use of device  is in bone surgery, implantology and periodontology. Of course the  working is  in fully sterile conditions, using sterile cooling solutions and the possibility of sterilizing all components of the device.

Powerful Servotome Surgical Engine ensures precise  bone and tooth preparation in all surgical procedures.

The Piezotome piezosurgery device is the cutting edge in bone surgery, representing the most cost-effective method of working with bone tissue on a cryopreservation basis. The result is rapid wound healing and minimization of complications after all surgical procedures. Piezosurgery has the greatest use in the replacement of bone tissue in the treatment of implants.

ENDOPILOT Set "backfill"

The latest gadget for root canal therapies. The filling of root canal has two  phases. In the first phase the root apex is filling, the method of vertical condansation. In the next phase canal is filled with hot guttapercha, which ensures consistent filling and perfect sealing of the root canal. The big advantage of this method is optimal filling without complication.


Within a short time becomes RECIPROC worldwide popular successful system for preparation of root canal with a help of only one tool. This system is also effective for guttapercha and temporary fillings removing during definitive treatment. Thanks to shape of this tool it can effectively remove filling materials with a safe working length, using different tools sizes of system RECIPROC.

VITA VAKUMAT 4000 Premium T

The furnace for firing ceramic-veneered crowns and bridges. You will get a new ceramic crown during one single visit.