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Painless dental treatment

We use a whole range of modern methods and anesthetics. Thanks to this, the painlessness of all dental procedures is ensured. There is no reason why the patient should be afraid of pain.

  • Local anesthetics

Local anesthesia is used for any case that could be painful. Before applying an anesthetic, it is possible to treat anesthesia instead of the injection. Local anesthetics are then injected with the active ingredient. This gives maximum comfort and painlessness.

  • Sedation

We use highly effective and safe drugs with a sedative effect for very sensitive patients. It relieves you of fear and anxiety from the treatment, suppresses pain. It alleviates unpleasant feelings while applying local anesthesia. Application options - inhaled, orally, muscularly, onset and withdrawal of action is very rapid. They are also ideal for pediatric patients.

We work also with Entonox gas and Dormicum.