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Our basic aid is dental system CEREC CAD/CAM OMNICAM

 CEREC® is a new generation robotic system enabling the field of dental prosthetics to reach a whole new level. It is a 3D modeling system which scans the patient’s oral cavity down to the tiniest details and then designs the optimal shape of the dental filling or crown for such case.

Afterwards, it also manufactures the recommended prosthesis in high-quality ceramics in a span of tens of minutes. In modern dentistry, it is therefore obsolete nowadays what was still bothering us in recent past, like waiting for the laboratory technician, several visits to the dentist’s office and temporary dental prosthesis.

The patient only visits the dentist once now and they leave with a fully functional prosthesis, no stress, no waiting.


CEREC treatment step by step


Step 1: Scan

Using  the CEREC Omnicam, our small powder-free color camera, for precise 3D images in natural color. New: Use the Open Scan Export to easily export your scanned cases as STL files.


Step 2: Design

After analyzing the complete scan, the CEREC software generates outstanding restoration proposals. This takes you to the production stage faster. You benefit from the simple and visually appealing user interface.

Step 3: Produce

The CEREC grinding and milling unit and CEREC software are optimally matched. Milling/grinding the (solid zirconia) restoration design is extremely precise, giving the restorations smooth surfaces and edges and very fine fissures.

Step 4: Sinter 

Full-contour zirconia restorations are sintered and glazed chairside in the compact CEREC SpeedFire. The induction technology allows unparalleled short sintering and firing times.


After all the  CEREC® ceramic crown is placed. The CEREC crown has properties almost identical to natural tooth tissue, so they are very durable and their extremely high lifetime guarantees the perfect look of your teeth for years.

We use Vita PC blocks, IPS Empress  ceramics, IPS E.max lithium disilicate, Celtra duo - zirconium silicate and VOCO Grandiosso, Telio Cad - composite.



Why CEREC is better than dental laboatory?

Everything is carried out in a single visit - you only need to visit the dentist once - take one day away from your work or life to have the procedure - instead of the usual two or three visits. Only one set of local anaesthetic injections - since the entire procedure can be carried out within the hour, you only need to have one lot of injections. No temporary restorations - if you have lab-made veneers, you would require temporary veneers during the wait for your new teeth. These have been known to fall off and cause problems, which is a step that is omitted with CEREC restorations.

Guarantees of the CEREC technology: Quality, strength, accuracy, plaque resistant surface, no shrinkage during processing, perfect contacts with adjacent teeth, color stability.




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